The Seven Spaces of Technology in School Environments from Ewan McIntosh on Vimeo.

Spaces in your classroom!

Ewan McIntosh talks about the seven spaces in your classroom in his 'Clicks and Bricks: When Digital, Learning and Physical spaces meet.'
Ewan also talks about schools that have adopted the Seven spaces in this post Ordup: Seven spaces of technology and School Environments embodied.
If you have the money to spend then you would be able to buy some of the furniture you see in his post, but if you haven't got that sort of money then be creative with what you have got!

The e-Learning Classroom Spaces

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My Addition to Spaces


More on Spaces

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Ewan McIntosh's 'Clicks and Bricks: When digital, learning and physical space meet.

Matt Locke 'Six Spaces of Social Media'
Ordup School

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This blogger wants to create a Flickr slideshow of classroom spaces, read his article and add your photos
Here is a post written by Sarah Edson who talked about a keynote that she went to about classroom spaces, interesting reading

The Place of Virtual, Pedagogic and Physical Space in the 21st Century Classroom.


This paper outlines work connected to the successful convergence of digital,

pedagogic and physical space. The Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning

(SCIL) has been focusing on the gap that has existed in schools where the

physical layout is often stuck in an industrial-era education model, rather than

reflecting the possibilities of ICT-enhanced personalised learning. SCIL has been

working to create digital spaces so that students can consistently transition from

the real to virtual world.


Great list of resources and readings to do with MLE and ILE

Enabling e-Learning: Modern Learning practices and pedagogies