Well goodness me, where did the eleven weeks of term two go?
What am I most proud of? I would have to say I am most proud of the students and their assembly item, which reflected the work that we had been doing during the term.

Here is our assembly item....it's a bit long but well worth watching, it also shows that we will work anywhere....singing in the ICT suite. The students worked hard in all aspects of this. It's a pity the guitar was not picked up all that well and our filmer took awhile to find where the action was happening but this is something to work on for next time.

Groups Working Together

Week ten has seen the submission of the students expository text, this has been a term long research and writing project. The students worked on google docs and I have given feedback on their google doc. This allowed me to give feedback from anywhere when I had time, I also talked with the students the next time I saw them to clarify any issues. I had access 24/7, as a spin off of this I have looked at their work more often than if they were doing in their books or on the computers at school. I am really pleased with this outcome and will continue to develop the use of google docs in my programme.
I have set some rules in relation to teacher feedback. If it is in the middle of their text they are able to fix and delete what I have asked them to do. If it is at the beginning of their work, this is just like writing in their books, and they would never twink out teacher feedback in their book. Why do I do this? I have done this as I need to show evidence that I am giving feedback and helping students with their next step. I can check revision to see if it has been deleted (this has happened, once)
The ultimate goal is for their work to be presented on a weebly website. Here is an example, I have used this one as the student has added notes to it.

IMG_1732.JPG IMG_1728.JPG IMG_1724.JPG IMG_1722.JPG

The beginning of the year saw me start with 16 desks and the beginning ideas of working with spaces rather than what is normally seen. Dave B had sent out a clip about the design of classes that support e-learning so this gave me confidence to try and do something a little different.

After a meeting with Jacqui I decided to get rid of a lot more desks and move to a one book system (suggested by Jacqui S) where students share tote trays (I have two, 6 tray towers) and do all their work in one book (they do have separate maths books).

I am a year seven teacher at a decile 10 school in South East Auckland. I have a fantastic class of 31 students that keep me inspired and entertained.