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Year 1
Point View School

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September 2011
Term 3
Out and about around Point View School

We made a movie for our quad blogging buddies. The children videoed and recorded it by themselves using ipods.

Kids with a View visit Bailey Road School

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On Wednesday 5th October 10 children from Kids with a View travelled to

visit the Year 8's in Room 13 at Bailey Road School in Mt Wellington.

Room 8 are our blogging buddies. Even though they are much older than us they enjoy

visiting our blog and leaving us some awesomely written comments.

The Room 3 children weren't even feeling nervous

about finally meeting their blogging buddies they were just very excited!



The Room 13 buddies were amazing so welcoming, helpful and patient.

We all looked at each others blogs, made some comments and got to know each other.

The interaction were wonderful moments to watch.

We were also introduced to some more new buddies - Room 2 a Year 1 class.

Now we had 3 new buddies each!

At morning teatime all the children shared a yummy morning tea and went

off to play on the playground.

After morning tea the Bailey Road buddies showed us around their

art exhibition - it was artrageous!

There are so many talented children at Bailey Road.

Watch our video to get a feel of the morning.


Visit our blogto find out what we have been up to while QUAD BLOGGING with our friends from

Stoke Bishop Primary in Bristol, England - Mr Unsworth
Learning Together - Blackburn South School, Melbourne, Australia - Mrs Kennedy
We Love Learning - Blackburn South School, Melbourne, Australia - Mrs Swann
Kindergarten - Kathryn Winn Primary School, Kentucky, USA - Mrs England

Within our four schools we have a partnership that means that for a four week cycle, each school’s blog would be the focus for one week out of four. Each school in the Quad will spend some time visiting the blog of the school for that week, leave comments etc. After that week, another one of the four schools would be the focus and this would be repeated for the four week cycle and then repeated.
This will give each blog a boost in visitor numbers and comments.

Our Rugby World Cup 2011 page is full of useful resources


If you do stop by and visit us
Gina - 5 years old - explains in her own words what a blog is.

Room 3 was really lucky enough to have one of our parents donate 25 "phonics phones".Phonics phones are PVC piping that acts like a telephone.Room 3 use them during SSR, reading group time and writing time.The children do not need to speak loudly but can clearly hear themselves speaking.The phonics phones are particularly wonderful during writing time as the children can clearly hear themselvessounding out tricky words that they are attempting to phonetically sound and spell.The sounds are more prominent and accentuated enabling the children to more easily spell words as they sound.During reading time a group can go off (in the secret garden) and read into a phonics phone,hear themselves clearly and at the same time not disturb others working.The phonics phone also improves their focus and ability to stay on task.
One very special bonus is that one of my pupils who is is selective mute uses the phonics phone.She turns away from the other children during writing time and whispers her words into the phone.She obviously feels safe and can participate without worrying about the other children seeing her as any different.

Term 2

I am loving my classroom spaces... and so do the children.Here's a few pics of some of the children in Room 3 using our classroom spaces.... BEFORE the school bell had even gone for the start of the day! What amazes me is the independence, collaboration, co-operation and self-managing that goes on not only in learning time but in their time as well.Check out our blog and wikispace to see more of our progress.

The children have also learnt how to make their own comments on our blog and do so with enthusiasm. They are also branching out and have begun to leave their comments on other class and school blogs.
I think some of the children are ready and will be able to manage their own blog so I have 'Kidblog' set up ready to go. I'll begin by showing a couple of the more able children what to do and they should be able to pass on to the others what they have learnt. Watch this space to see how we go.

Reflection Week 9

Classroom Spaces
I like the spaces in the classroom because it is like having little offices or rooms, where they are not distracted by others and what they are doing. Children are gaining independence and self managing skills (at 5 years old) and they are totally engaged in what they are doing. I have realised that I gave them too many options in the beginning and in the future will add them gradually. I have added Group boxes as an option. The Group boxes have literacy related games to their reading group levels.
Next term I will try the management boards, probably literacy where I can track what activities students are doing and give them more direction to try activities they haven't tried before.

Reflection Week 7

I was having a fiddle with jing today so decided to put it to good use. I made a jing movie to show parents how to make comments on our blog.

How to make a comment on a blog

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