Dropbox appears to be a favourite amongst some of you but there are some issues we are finding, such as you can't transfer documents from iPad to Dropbox...yet!

The way that I'm using dropbox which is quite successful is via a shared folder. I created a shared folder called Room12Shared from within my own (paid) dropbox account which I then shared with my Room 12 dropbox account. I have set up my computers to use the shared folder as the default 'documents' folder on each computer. Because I use 'Growl' on my Mac I get a short pop-up notification whenever anyone saves anything into the folder. I can easily view and comment on their work from the comfort of my armchair at home (comfort being very important). - dragonsinger dragonsinger Apr 16, 2011

There is also the question of whether students should have their own accounts. Read the following blog post for some ideas.

Here are some helpful hints on how to use Dropbox.

Using The Magic Pocket: A Dropbox Manual