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New Zealand Writers

Mr WoodNZ's Learning Odyssey: Shaun's blog on his learning journal
e-Learning 2011: Kimberley's blog on her take on all things educational
The Village School: Linda's blog on her thoughts and musings about education
Kids with a View Blog: Lynne's blog on what is happening in her classroom
Minta Learning: Steph's eLearning journey
Rachel Boyd: Rachel's wiki with all her resources and presentations
Dragonsinger's blog: blogging about her classroom and her own learning journey
Derek Wenmoth's blog on all things educational
iLearnTechnology:Links,ideas and ways to use websites in education
eLearning Infusion: Nick Rate's blog on Portfolios and educational matters
Maniakalani: Dorothy Burt's blog on all things educational
Something to blog about: Steve Voisey's blog on all things educational
Teaching the Teacher: Stephanie's blog on being a trainee teacher and what she is finding out about the world of education.
AJ's awesome adventures: Alisha, a 12 year old quadriplegic cerebal palsy student writing about her life
B. Haewera: Bernie's blog about her teaching with special needs students
Hingaia Peninsular School: Blog by the Principal Jane Danielson tracking the building of a new school.
Webb-Ed feet: Craig McDonald's reflections on his teaching
Widgets & wikis & blogs...Oh My: Kirsten's bog on her teaching journey
The Podgorani: A Principal's view on all things educational

Overseas Writers

iLearnTechnology: Links,ideas and ways to use websites in education
Langwitches Blog: Interesting blog on all things educational
Oliver Quinlan: Lecturer in Education at Plymouth University
Stump the teacher: Insightful blog by a teacher in Chicago
Teacher's Pet UK: Blog posts by teachers including our own 'Kimberley'
Teaching Sagittarian: Blog about Educational matters
Resource Link: Interesting blog on all things e-Learning
Clutter Free Classroom: Blog on effective classroom management and organisational tips
Ladybug's Teacher files: Blog with management and resource organisation ideas