Sir Ken Robinson's talk 'Changing Education Paradigms

Eleven year old Birke Baehr tells us 'What's wrong with our food system?'

Daniel Pink talks about performance incentives and how they don't really work. The most interesting idea I got out of this was the 'One day of Autonomy'. Give students one day to work on what they want to work on with who they want to work with with the proviso being that it must be presented at the end of the 24 hours.

Great example of visual data analysis

Imagine how you could use the Xbox and Kinect in your classroom

Did you know?

Above and Beyond

A day made of Glass

2nd part of A day made of Glass

Google Glasses

Lego Mindstorm

Virtual Reality

Wonderful London 1924 & 2014 from Simon Smith on Vimeo.

Hattie's 8 Mindframes