Hi! My name is Julie and I am a Year 3/4 teacher at Alfriston School. This is my third year teaching at this level, having moved up from many years in the Junior School. I am originally from Canada, but have been in NZ for 16 years now. I have 4 children, all of whom are at Alfriston School!

Last week our newly developed ICT team met with Jacqui to discuss our plans for 2014 for ourselves and for our teams. There were lots of exciting ideas floating around and I managed to take some of them on already! We talked a lot about our styles of classrooms and about what goals we wanted to set for ourselves - Jacqui thinks we are being a bit keen with our goals, but we'll see!! We also spent some time talking about 'spaces' and creating spaces in our classrooms.

The next day I created 3 new 'spaces' in my classroom - Writing, Reading and Maths - using shower curtains. I also painted the back of an old shelf to be a new whiteboard! I'm on my way..........

My Goals in Green - way too many!! I have high hopes........

My new spaces.....

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.04.10 am.png
Writing Space - just awaiting lots of student samples!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.04.43 am.png
Reading Space - with couch, cushions and a bean bag!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.04.58 am.png
Maths Space!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.05.12 am.png
A view of all 3 spaces as well as the shelf/whiteboard!

So, I didn't know whether to keep/continue writing at the top above what I had already written or here at the bottom - obviously I've opted for the bottom, but I'm still not convinced!

Anyway, I have just become the pleased recipient of 6 Chromebooks in my classroom!! I am very excited! I couldn't wait to get the students on them, so we all learned how to plug in, open up and sign in together (I borrow 4 from the class next door and had 2-3 students per Chromebook). They are currently charging overnight and tomorrow they will be part of all my tumbles - how convenient that Jacqui is popping in tomorrow to see how things are going! :) I am wondering how best to manage the students signing in to their own google accounts - do they have one Chromebook that they mostly use, or their user on multiple Chromebooks? Hmm, thinking out loud here, will find out more tomorrow!

Have also been thinking about 'flipped classrooms' and recording a lesson for one of my Maths groups to watch at home and then complete a follow up practise sheet the next day in class. Will keep you posted!

Must go upload Swimming Sports pics now to link to my wiki! Night!