We have had a couple of informal and formal Skype chats recently, and the feedback from participants was how great they were and from those who couldn't participate, disappointment and a resolve to join in next time.
Here are screen captures of what has been said so far.

This was our first formal Skype call.

We started off with me adding each person in that I saw was on line.
What was great about using Skype was that as each person spoke, their avatar would light up so that you knew who was talking.
As the discussion moved on we were talking about planning and participants posted the links to examples of their own planning.

Some comments after the event

I really enjoyed the skype conference call. I'd been feeling really frustrated that some kids in the class really weren't settling down to do rotation tasks and someone's idea (Maureen? Cheryl?) about working with a small group was brilliant.

Thanks to everybody for the wonderful chat we had last week. It was great to be able to bounce ideas off each other.

I found the Skype conference both reassuring and encouraging. So good to hear others discussing aspects that I too am working with.

Informal Skype chats

The three schools in the cluster have iPads now, plus there are more schools in the area who have iPads as well. We have started up an iPad group so that we can talk over our successes and problems.
This then lead to the creation of a Google Doc where we wrote collaboratively the things we found out that day.

This chat started off with me having to change the classroom visit date. Some of the people who were online carried on talking to each other.