Train monitors

  • how to start up and shut down computers
  • how to plug everything in
  • how to set up projector
  • how to calibrate IWB
  • how to use other digital tools (iPads, iPod Touch, Flip Videos, Cameras, TV, iPods etc)
  • how to use certain programmes i.e Inspiration




Download Inspiration Class rules external image octet-stream.png Class Rules.isf

Download Word Class rules external image msword.png Class rules.doc


Management Boards

  • have_a_go.jpg

Labels blutacked on, students turn over their names when they have had a turn.
When you have had a turn, put your peg in the container.
Writing Management board. Students move their names as they move through the different stages.


Reading Management Board.
Reading Tumble which consists of 4 activities
2. Related Activity
3. & 4. Options
Options could include (Book Box, Comics, Magazines, Plays, Audiobooks etc)
Math Management Tumble (Suitable for younger students)
1. Teacher
2. Related Activity
3. Options
Options could include (Maintenance activities, math learning centre activities, strand enrichment activities)

Marking student work

I've just figured something brilliant out - I created a shared folder in MY dropbox and called it Room12shared - I shared it with the class dropbox - then I set the windows computers up to use that folder as the default docs folder (it's a little trickier with macs but also do-able) - the interesting thing is that i get a pop-up whenever anything is saved in the shared folder.

I should add that I've opted for a paid dropbox account so that I can have more space.

Self Managing

Week 9:My children have done their fluid timetabling. I set way too much work for a week and they are still working on it. I must say that I don't always remember to sit and check through what they have done. Real meaningful conversations need to take place. Each child now has their own blog and most of them are starting their blogging journeys. The initial blogs are still small, one sentence comments but I have great hopes for great things. The first thing I have noticed is that children are logging onto their own blog to comment about another child's blog. Tomorrow I shall address this because (and it shows what one can assume) I didn't realise they don't know that they need to add a comment in response to the initial blog. CONFUSED? Welcome to my world! Oh, another thing. Today, after a maths group had worked with me they had to do two maths examples on a whiteboard, photograph their work and that became my check of their understanding. They loved it and it "bought me time" to check their understanding. They are now stapled into their WAHLT book.

Jacqui's comment:
When I saw the kids, they were all on task and enjoying doing what they were doing. When I was doing this sort of thing I made compulsory activities that had to be completed and then the rest of activities were designed around different learning styles and were optional. I will copy your post and my comments to the management page I am developing!
Have a look at this example that Dave has posted developing Personal Learning Journey

Examples of Self Managing task sheets for Students


Students track spelling tests results week by week
Week long spelling activities. Students can choose to do the ones they want.


Level 2 assessment tracking Measurement
Level 3 Perimeter, Area and Volume assessment



Students have different choices of how to draft their writing. They track week by week which medium they have used.
Students track their conferencing choices, this is a great way to find out what student's likes and preferences are for future planning and designing of activities.
Students track the different ways of publishing their work.


Individual student tracking of keyboarding practice cards.
Class tracking of keyboarding practice cards.


All this has lead to a new wiki that is under development