Assessment and Measurement

How are you going to prove that your e-Learning classroom lifts student achievement?

Possible Measurements

  • assessing student digital capabilities against key competencies (What coverage of the Key Competencies in the matrix is the student completing?)

  • change in mindset of the student where it is not them seeing the computer as being the word processing and games and fun, but as a choice of tool for looking for information (evident in Self reflection and Conference with teacher)

  • Student and teacher reflection as part of the e-Portfolios

  • feedback and feed forward

  • balance in favour of formative assessment

  • Personal Learning Journeys using ipsative assessment, measuring yourself against yourself, where was I, where am I now, and where am I going to (this would be great as part of the children's e-Portfolios goal setting)


This is a blog post I wrote in March about students, self review and setting goals

I have been talking quite a bit to teachers about students documenting their own Personal Learning Journey. It is loosely based on 'Ipsative' Assessment which is the measurement of where we were, where we are now and where we want to be. The following diagrams build on that with the student deciding with the teacher what they are going to have to do to succeed with their goal. The junior one is more simplified then the senior example. Click on the diagrams to see them in full view. Junior

external image 2011-03-10_1755.png


external image 2011-03-10_1756.png

These were created in Kidspiration and Inspiration. Students can type into them or they can be printed out and students write in them.

Below is a Google Drawings version of the senior learning journey, is is easy to embed in website and Google Apps. Click here for the document in Google Apps. Please make a copy.

Download the Learning Journal Examples

Example of a Digital Portfolio

The Ministry of Education released the Digital portfolios: guidelines for beginners, January 2011.

Student Individual Tracking Sheets (these can be kept in a scrapbook or a clearfile)

Just thinking about this at the moment as an idea for students to document their assessments.

Example One

Here are some examples of self management and self assessment sheets I have designed for students. Each student has a copy which they put in a Clearfile or glue into a Scrapbook.

Example Two

Students could save a copy of the Assessment sheet from Google Docs and embed in tScreen_shot_2011-01-25_at_4.39.54_PM.pngheir wiki page. Updates are made in Google Docs and the updates will appear on their wiki page. Students will need to add a little extra code to adjust the width and height as highlighted in this example

Example Three

Create a Google form for students to fill in. This can be emailed or you could post the form on a dedicated wiki page, include a field that has the student name. Once the student submits the form, you will receive the information.