Please add any books to this list that you think our PLN need to see. Please make a comment about the readings as you read them. I have provided links to Amazon here, if you know any other places to purchase these books, please add to the comment line. Please add if they are available on Kindle as well.


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(Dave) Understanding the Digital Generation should be required reading for every teacher. This book has helped me in so many different ways; from understanding more about the learning preferences of our igen students to giving me further insight into the necessary skill sets that students will require to be successful in a rapidly changing world.
(Linda) In 2010 Lee Crockett was a keynote speaker at uLearn. During his talk he recommended six books. This was the 6th book which included, iBrain - Gary Small, Everything bad for you is good - Stephen Johnson, Rewired - Larry Rosen, Grownup Digital - Don Tapscott and A whole new mind - Daniel Pink. Understanding the Digital Generation references each of the these books and applies many of the ideas they explore to the five to eighteen year olds the authors refer to as the iGens.
I also enjoy following their blog at the Committed Sardine.

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(Jacqui) One of my favourite sayings from 'The Element' 'What is true is that if you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.'
Ask yourself this question and look at your students and ask this question 'How are you intelligent?' Recognising what intelligences we have in our classroom and developing our programmes to suit the different learning styles must impact not only on engagement but achievement.
(Dave) I love Ken Robinson's humour which allows him to deliver his message in a most disarming way. This book is such a great read and has convinced me, that as teachers, we need to be asking more and more questions about why we do what we do. His insights into social engineering and the role of the education system in society are particularly helpful. I bought my copy from
(Linda) Many people have watched Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk and rave about its content. As teachers I recommend you read his book. This book explores the challenges and insights he shares in his 20 minute presentation at a greater depth. Each chapter challenges you to think about different aspects of your teaching practice. The anecdotes he shares created connections to students I have taught and people I have known. His chapter, Making the Grade, includes the story of how disengaged Paul McCartney was during music classes. Paul talked about how uninterested his teacher was, how he put on a record and left the room. The students used the time to play cards and put the record back on just before the teacher returned. Being interested, engaged and excited about teaching models to students what being in your element is.
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(Jacqui) One of my favourite books for a long time. This is the book that influenced the development of 'Level of teacher Integration'. I first discovered it here and have since developed case studies around each level.
This book has been suggested by Kimberley at Point View. It is released in October
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(Dave) Grown Up Digital, by Don Tapscott is a long (300 + pages of small print) but very good read. In a nutshell, the book looks at the net generation (the first generation to come of age within the digital age) and their interaction with technology and the implications of this for wider society. Chapter 5: The Net Generation as Learners: Rethinking Education, outlines seven strategies that would enable teachers to transform their practice in the "new" digital age. Great read. I bought my copy from