Please add any references or readings that you think our PLN need to see. We are particularly interested in anything you find on e-Learning classrooms, spaces and impact of e-Learning on achievement. Please make a comment about the readings as you read them.

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Pedagogy in a box
Mark Brown

Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship

Scott McLeod's opening remarks at the Iowa Education Summit
This post struck a chord with me particularly his comments about the the things we should do if we are really serious about educational technology like
  • let students bring a digital device to the classroom instead of pretending that we live in a pencil, notebook paper, and ring binder world;
  • teach students how to manage devices rather than removing user privileges and locking down the ability to change any settings;
  • seriously become proficient with digital tools
  • use the power and potential of online learning
  • tap into and utilize the technological interest and knowledge of students
  • train our student teachers how to integrate digital learning and tools into all areas
  • educate and train school administrators